Age Verification PHP Module

Tue, 03/26/2013 - 09:27

During a project we where developing on Drupal 7, it became apparent that there was no contributed modules for age gates, this lead the team down a path of finding PHP code that would help to create the first version of a conrib module which we would later release to the community.  

Custom Drupal Contrib Module Age Verification.

The age gate verification module is a simple module that forces the user to select a date to pass an age gate to verify that they are old enough to view the site before passing the user back to the selected URL. It features an Admin area to select Ages, paths to ignore, a text area for custom content and a user agent field.

The actual first release needed to be rewritten a few times and then had to go through my account on . Anyone who has been through the complex release process on Drupal will know what I am talking about. This took about two years of changes and amends by various developers vying for input on the code to be able to get a mark on their modules so they could also be released. Finally, it was deemed useful to the community and a final Drupal 7 release of the code was released to the Age Verification project page. But this is where the fun really starts as any maintainer of a contributed module will be aware there is the constant changes required and feature requests. 

Not many months after the release Drupal 8 was released to the community as a big rewrite. This meant writing the module again from the top down to fit the new Object-oriented code of the Symfony backend that Drupal now uses as its framework.

I found that process an interesting introduction to coding on Drupal 8 and I think this was rebuilt in a speedy process. Since the release of the Drupal 8 module code, there have been many community members releasing patches and updates to make the module better.

As a maintainer of a module it can be sometimes hard to keep up the processing of the patches with work commitments, but I have found it fun to come back to periodically to merge and revisit the code. I can not take full credit for the developments interactions of the code as it has had many developers input over the years. 

We are not looking forward to the release of Drupal 9 and a new version of the module.



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