Which should you Invest In WordPress or Drupal?

Fri, 10/19/2018 - 17:02

As a business its not just the initial outlay of cost of the build that's important in choosing any CMS or framework, a company can be tied to the technology for many years and there are many factors that need to be taken into account to inform any decision. Many factors could include future developments, API integrations, internal team content management, designs and layouts, Payment systems, security. 

Wait whats this CMS thing you speak of?

A CMS system is a content management system framework used by Agencies to edit, alter, sort out and distribute digital content. A small business can be helped to grow its online presence a great deal from using a CMS to make and manage digital content without the need for specialised development skills or a large spending plan.


A Digital agency with some changes can turn a WordPress site into a usable client friendly website and get it launched fast. While there are many plugins that enable extensible development in the WordPress community, in the end, you’re somewhat limited to what it can do after this.

Where WordPress excels is the many useful plugins that offer features like plugin e-commerce and small business enhancements that bring excellent value to any business site. Templates are easily changed and configured in PHP to make adjustments to the huge array of themes that are available to the community. If you need a fast good looking small business website then really this is the top CMS to go for, If you are wanting to set up a site yourself and have some experience in editing HTML or CSS then WordPress is also a very good option. For this reason, WordPress is easily the top CMS used for small business and powers an amazing 33% of all websites across the web.


Drupal is more classed as a framework with tools for building features, this brings amazing flexibility, literally you can build it into anything you want and the possibilities are endless. In the past, you would not expect 'out of the box' fully prebuilt solutions, although the newer versions of Drupal 8 have merged many of what was deemed to be extra functionally into Drupal. Many of these features would come as standard in WordPress.

Because of this advanced flexibility, It does take longer to put together a fully functional site at the start. Once this momentum has passed, it's also quick to develop large user-driven communities websites, do you want to rebuild Facebook? no problem. This enhanced flexibility means it works for many government, education and not for profit sector because of the flexibility and ease of use using the Object-oriented PHP. Teams can collaborate and work on different areas passing configurations via GIT into to be deployed in continuous integration methods.

Drupal has a lot of technical information and integrations and does require experienced Drupal engineers to set up and develop the site for you. Once Drupal is set up and running adding content and maintaining it media is straightforward and large teams can concentrate on delivery of features away from content creation. 

In the end, they are both different shaped tools and both have distinct advantages or disadvantages depending on the type and complexity of the site you need to build.

Depending on the size of the business that is having the application being built is important because In the end, they are both different shaped tools and both have distinct advantages or disadvantages depending on the type and complexity of the site you need to build. If the site you are intending is complex and needs to introduce lots of users and huge amounts of data then Drupal would be a better option.

WordPress has quick delivery that is brilliant to have an awesome looking site up and running quickly.

If you are looking for a new build we are experienced in both systems and can help advise which platforms may be the best choice for your business. Simply get in touch below and lets chat.


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