We offer a range of services for dev operations for the business from small shared hosting to large load balanced servers systems for charities and Large international based business that need extra support staff for there applications.


Business devops services

Expand your business capacity and storage.

Company sites expand quicker than their deployment strategies can cope with leading to downtime as new code is deployed.

We can build custom applications for teams that transfer data to Git repositories, build virtual local development environments using tools like Docker.

In the modern age of continuous integration of development from teams, the code needs to go through structured deployment strategies and have automated testing and via controllers systems like Jenkins.

We can offer website and application codebase Audits of your current site build and give a road map to a better deployment strategy to free your team up to be concentrating on offering your customers the changes you need.

Open source operating systems for PHP applications can be built on hosting providers of your choice or we can recommend various cloud-based providers and setup Centos, Ubuntu operating systems that mimic your local development environments. 

We can build faster search systems can be optimized in Solr or Elastic search and sent to different servers to help with fast indexing and load on your application. 

We work with partners across the globe to offer 24 hr support services of hosting. 

If you are not sure the size of the hosting service you need, don't worry contact us on the form below and we discuss your requirements in more detail.