A site review is normally the best place to begin if you are a large company or charity and have had a web application going for some time and are not really sure of the likely issues.

We would recommend a site audit to be taken place before any new developments start so new developments don't uncover potential hazards. Companies can ill afford the downtime to solve problems when your site goes offline, especially if the site is the main revenue of the business. 

We consider web site audits as an examination of your application to get a sense of security and web page review and how the application runs at the site start to finish. We take a look under the hood of your codebase and will make coding recommendations for frontend and backend development spotting potentially harmful code and work to ensure that valuable information is secure and optimize your site’s performance with Drupal best practices.


Website Audits to spot issues

Does your website need an oil change?

Every web site needs an MOT for the owners to get an informed perspective of any likely issues and security threats before they become a problem before your site needs rescue

When we are coming to the end of a review, you will know precisely what's working and what's likely an issue. In the audit, we grade prioritize the items that need to be addressed first. Once you have your program of changes in a document this can be used with your in house development team accomplish their development objectives or can be used at a later date with our in-house development team.

Some of the areas we analyze in your document.

  • Security Scans
  • Errors listed
  • Folder structure security
  • CMS best practice Checks and recommendations.
  • Checks on load times and memory leaks.
  • Recommendations for fixes and additions in future developments.


Why not take the mystery out of the potential hazards, to Begin your web site audit review today just use the form below and let's start a conversation.